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Mapping Out Connection
in evolving workspace(s)

The last several years have been tough on your people.

This is evident in the ongoing and looming fear of resignation, burnout, and concern over well-being. Leaders, managers, and employees alike are finding themselves in new and uncharted situations while trying their best to be diligent and accountable to changing demands. And these changes aren't going anywhere, as we know too well.

Have you found yourself...

Delivering a presentation when your child has COVID in the next room.

We are at a historic time where it is possible to reimagine organizational design to be people-centered, resilient, and agile bringing life to organizational mission & vision.

an exciting collaboration

In partnership with researcher and organizational consultant Amanda Bell, founder of Context Matters, the Organic Analysis & Human Blueprint report will provide you with a clear picture of what this ongoing change can look and feel like when it is connected to the core mission, vision, and culture.


Our Mapping Out Connection package brings clarity and spaciousness to the work of teams in organizations through identifying

  • the emergent and organic composition of human strengths in the organization, and

  • the organizational practices and tools that enable or hinder this flow.

Do you have a sense of what connection looks like in your organization?

  • How your team members are connected to each other? How they are able to connect their work?

  • How your work is related to the mission of the organization?

  • Does it involve a performance review or an “all hands” or full staff meeting?

How would it feel to be confident that connection, as a feeling of trust and mutual understanding interwoven through interpersonal relationships and projects, was a tangible and inclusive part of your job? (And that it looks different for different people).

Research is showing that connection and belonging are integral to a successful and satisfying work experience. At the same time, how many folks do you think have had to deliver a presentation while their child has COVID in the next room (or maybe they have COVID themselves)? Connection and dealing with the next wrinkle in your week are not often talked about at the same time.

Our Mapping Out Connection package provides you with a blueprint of what your company looks like right now in terms of business practices, teamwork, and cultural norms. In addition to things that often are overlooked or are hard to put your finger on like

  • employee strengths and opportunities (in a manner that feels empowering, truthful, and connected with folks’ everyday experiences)

  • alignment (or misalignment) between your business practices and the mission and vision of your organization

  • where business practices are getting in the way of more aligned (and successful) team outcomes

This will help us strengthen your teams and structure business and cultural practices in your organization on top of a strong foundation of what exists, rather than what we want to exist or what we know can exist eventually.

This work looks like

Collecting Data

  • Emails, calendars, reports

  • Observations & Interviews

  • Gallup Q12 engagement survey

  • CliftonStrengths interviews

Collaborative Analysis & Meaning Making

  • Analysis and reporting are based on the community action research process, integrating interpretations and experiences of your community into the analysis.

  • Final Organic Analysis & Human Blueprint report customized for your organization based on the data collected.


Base cost based on size of organization plus $1,500 per employee

  • 4-10 Team Members | $5,000

  • 11-20 Team Members | $10,000

  • 21+ | Inquire

Sample Cost

  • 14 Team Members = $10,000

  • 14 x $1,500 = $21,000

Grand total = $31,000

Our greatest hope for everyone is that they will walk away with

- More tangible feeling of how things are connected in the organization

- Expansive experience of what it feels like to work together

- Plan for integrating teamwork into business practices