Canon Collaborative is a people operations consulting group with a mission to awaken and engage power and potential in individuals, teams, and the organizations in which they flow.

In her humanitarian work around the world, Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer, Christine Bizzell became inspired to engage her strengths to empower people to restore harmony to their lives.


Fueled by a vision of our world where all people -- young mothers, asylum seekers, and everyday people -- have access to systems and structures that sustain life, Christine pursued knowledge of leadership, business, organizational culture, and human-centered design. 


She believes this vision can be achieved by speeding the evolution of business as a force for good, designing environments that engage people's limitless potential aligned with purpose -- bringing power to the flow of life within your people, purpose, and culture.


Awaken and engage innate power and potential within individuals, teams, and organizations in which they flow.


To empower all people to live healthy, sustainable, and fulfilled lives.


A world where every human being has access to the systems and structures that sustain life.