Healing in Nature

Christine here!

Thinking about Earth Day tomorrow and how to celebrate and communicate all the love I feel for the outdoors.

Growing up, I moved around a lot and didn't have a lot of close friends. We typically moved every 1-2 years throughout my life, which was tough. I remember feeling overwhelmed and isolated -- and would very often climb the nearest tree and be with myself until I felt at peace enough to come down. Often shedding a few tears while watching the leaves move with the wind, and taking some deep breaths before I re-engaged with the world.

And I still do this today except not so much in trees.

In my early career, when I faced intense burnout, I had no real idea how to move forward. I had the opportunity for a big break in South Africa, which happens to be the home of some of the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen. It was there that I began processing where my energy was being misplaced and how to redirect my strengths and channel them more sustainably (and strategically).

It was a time that I will never forget -- a time when I felt the biggest hugs from the universe and mother nature, and where my course was redirected.

As my awareness of the climate crisis has grown, I have felt a sense of urgency to do my part to intervene and inspire action as it was inspired in me. That is one reason I have joined 1% for the Planet, committed to giving back to grassroots environmental groups on the frontlines of this urgent mission.

I am grateful to have discovered online communities full of life and connection, and look forward to connecting with you all this week to celebrate this big beautiful world we call home.