Leading with Heart

I am so fortunate to call this beautiful human my mentor. I have witnessed her lead a team with incredible grace, relentless in building hope and resiliency in the face of adversity and challenge.

Christine Bizzell and Sherry Harkins

Sherry’s way of spreading optimism and joy is contagious. If there is not a path toward a brighter track, she forges one. If there is a disconnect between people and ideas, she builds a bridge. If there is no room at the table, she performs a magic trick and voila -- there is space for all. Her outlook on the world is nothing short of majestic -- always looking for the beauty and light in a situation where others may see none at all.

And this is where her brilliance really comes into the picture.

Sherry does not just have keen awareness of the silver linings... but she will also construct them where others may see it as impossible.

This construction is both tangible and intangible. She organizes and primes the physical setting for connection -- to the external environment and between the people within it. She asks questions that spur connection, creativity, and laughter. Always, always laughter.

She always has an idea about who you should meet or connect with -- and these suggestions are truly endless. It is as if she holds every heart and story she has ever known in the galaxy of her mind -- listening (always listening) for a signal of her role in building that connection, that bridge -- that opportunity for joy to abound. And for that joy to keep spreading. The world and I are lucky to have you.


To highlight a person’s unique contribution is a sure way to honor and empower them in the workplace and beyond. Highlighting brilliance is a skill I have honed through hundreds of conversations exploring highly unique expressions of strength patterns -- which when free to flow with purpose, movement will surely follow.

These strength patterns are identified by the CliftonStrengths assessment, which is a tool designed to identify natural ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving that can be consciously engaged and productively applied. Intentionally building individual confidence, as well as awareness of vulnerabilities, has the potential to maximize individual contribution.

Imagine what your life, your work, and your organization could look like where each individual owns their strength and vulnerability with confidence -- where individual and team power is aligned with organizational purpose, mission, values, and vision.

Research has shown that employees want to engage in work that allows them to use their strengths, feel respected and valued, and to have a meaningful impact on their organization's mission. We believe that illuminating and connecting to the innate strength within your organization is a big step in the right direction.

Power the flow of life within your organization. Empower your people. Tap into their brilliance. Collaborate with confidence. Start building a strengths-based company culture today.

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