Movement Forward

Looking ahead into 2021 doesn't bring about warm, fuzzy feelings for a majority of people I have connected with recently. There are still many unknowns affecting real decisions about how we should move our lives forward -- with restrained aspiration for such movement.

The events and challenges of 2020 have highlighted a massive opportunity for broader unity and deeper harmony within our lives, communities, and country. Reimagining the world we all know can feel intimidating -- we simply do not yet have signals that this goal is achievable within the prevailing status quo. Belief in a brighter future requires us to become comfortable with many immediate unknowns -- with trust and confidence that the best path forward will emerge as we move forward.

Because hope for a brighter future for all is flickering on the horizon… there is movement, even if we can’t feel or see it every day. And movement is key, which is a theory grounded in laws of nature and science. The visual of movement actually generating a path is a visual I sometimes meditate on -- and it comes from a description of my top strength, which illuminates most powerfully with movement:

The best path forward will emerge as you move forward.

Because to build a world where every human being has access to systems and structures that sustain life requires great imagination, innovation, and persistence. We must “proceed as if success is inevitable” -- trusting that a better future for all is achievable when we are willing to persevere, own our innate power and potential, and lean into each other’s strengths like never before.

These are the reasons Canon Collaborative exists, and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to embrace my own strength to power the flow of life around me, which I believe will create harmony and movement of its own.


Whether you are a solo individual exploring the next step in your career, or a leader looking to bring out the best in your organization by empowering your people -- reach out to learn more about how Canon Collaborative can power your potential by illuminating and aligning your strength with purpose.